Textil Contract is a company with more than 30 years of experience in the textile sector and habitability services in mega yachts and luxury vessels. We offer a global comprehensive and personalized service to each type of boat. For this reason, we have highly qualified personnel for each work, offering high quality standards, guaranteeing that your orders are completed according to the foreseen plan. We have our own facilities to control of every action. We also have qualified personnel to work on board when necessary. We are an agile company reliable and committed to the client. We put our heart in each job with the same passion of the first day but with the wealth of the experience endorsed with the utmost confidentiality.


We place at your disposal first quality fabrics of
leading brands to:

Supply and confection of all sizes of indoor fabrics,
outdoor, fireproof, waterproof etc.. including
zippers, duvets fillers, fiber fillers, etc.. We also have
repair service.

Supply and confection fabrics with UV protection,
anti-bacterial, easy clean, etc…

Supply fabrics for upholstery. Upholstered furniture
by artisanal upholsterers.

Supply fabrics for custom-made curtains, cushions,
protection of floors and furniture. We also have
repair service.

Supply and tailoring of fabrics for tender covers, run
floors cover, etc…

Filling fiver of cushions, mattresses.

Replacement / Repair / Adjustment of boats and
pools covers.

Flame retardant treatment of fabrics
Upholstery of walls and cellings.

Supply, installation and repair of awnings


(possible service in 24 hrs)*

Professional laundry services.

We use special care products. Not abrasive. Ph

We have an on board collection service and delivery
after cleaning.

All types of fabrics, mattresses, furniture, sofas,
duvet, blankets, linens, cushions and clothes.


We can provide, installations works and replace
carpets of different types of composition, grammage,
colors, size and texture in any room. We can
create, as well, your made-to-measure carpet.

Professional Cleaning: Wool, Polyamide, Sisal
Vacuum, deep suction, procedures on treating
specific stains, odor treatments, steam cleaning,
mite removal and always using specials carpet care


(possible service in 24 hrs)*

Marble works: polishing and repair.

Parquet: replacement, varnishing, sanding, teka
wood repair ..

Carpentry: repairs of different nature, as well as,
the ability of making new elements and furniture.

Pest Control in all areas required.

Some of our references:

Sunrays Yatch
Vibrant Curiosity Yatch
Artic Yatch
RM Elegant Yatch
Haida Yatch
Hampshire Yatch
Mistery of Sadows Yatch
Emilie Yatch
And many more….
Martin Posadillo
Mistral Submarine